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“加好友”用英语说: Add me into your friend list

How do you add me friend?

1) can I have your qq account number? 2) can I joint your qq group? 3) it's would be great if you accept me as your qq friend. 4) please let me as you qq friends. (说这些基本无用, 因为QQ只是中国人自己用的, 欧美人多用MSN或者S...

我已经加你好友了:I have added you to be my friend.

口语点的说法: I've already sent you a friend invite on QQ, please go check. 在这里用 confirm 太正式了。 呵呵,又碰见你了。自己翻译的,希望对你有帮助。

Add friend request

I want to add your friend

add my WeChat,or add my micro letter,add my weixin



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