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要么: [ yào me ] 1. (conj) either X or Y (used when given a choice between two things) 例句与用法: 1. 要么进来,要么出去。 Either come in or go out. 2. 迪克要么刻苦学习,要么根本不学,从不走中间路线。 Dick either studies very h...

有人说 英文翻译:Some people say [例句] Some people say smoking calms your nerves. 有人说,吸烟可以放松神经。


欢迎你 英语: Welcome!

compare v. 比较, 相比, 比喻 n.比较 compare vt. 比较, 对照(with) 把...比作; 比喻(to) (把形容词或副词)变成比较级〔最高级〕 compare one thing with another 将一物与另一物比较 A teacher's work is often compared to a candle. ...

here you are 英[hiə ju: ɑ:] 美[ˈhɪri ju e(r)] [词典] 给你; [例句]Here you are, saying these terrible things 看看你,说这些难听的话。

参考: pound sign, Prior to the introduction of the IBM PC there was no unique accepted standard for entering, displaying, printing, or storing the £ sign in the UK computer industry. On personal computers prior to the P...

一些常用符号的英文表示 < is less than 小于号 > is greater than 大于号 = is equal to 等于号 + plus 加号;正号 - minus 减号;负号 ± plus or minus 正负号 × is multiplied by 乘号 ÷ is divided by 除号 ≠ is not equal to 不等于号 ≡...


准备开始一般的常用英语翻译有 Ready, Go/ start/ fight! 等。 一般用于的场景在比赛,竞技等项目。比如F1赛车,格斗游戏等。


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