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improvE 后加什么介词

您好! You can improve your English________ practicing more. A.by B.with C.of D.in 答案 A by到……为止,通过某种方式;with带有,伴随,用某种工具;of关于,……的;in在里面,用某种语言。句意:你可以通过多练习来提高你的英语水平。...

improve on.....

可以加so,very,rapid之类的 表示非常好 望采纳可追问

第一空如果填ways/suggestions/tips/advices分别对应什么介词 对应介词都是“on” 但这里显然应该填第1个空:数字;第2个空 approaches (方法),只有这样,后面才对应介词to 10 Approaches to improve English 学好英语的10种方法。

句子中how to improve my English是know的宾语,know是动词,所以是动词宾语。how to improve my English相当于宾语从句。句型转换时常用。

you think【主谓】 the position of English women will improve【宾语从句】 of English women是后置定语,修饰positon the position will improve【主谓】


English grammar which, as I have told you, will help improve your English...1. 先行词指物时,介词后面只闸which 回答 2. 非限制牲定语从句只用which ...

let me correct your paragraph first. I am from a foreign language school in shanghai. As we all know, english is becoming more and more important in our lives. In the furture, i would like to get a job doing statistics with for...


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